A dream city is coming to Cambridge with a plan to redevelop cathedrals into skyscrapers

Cambridge is considering a plan for a future city that would see thousands of buildings constructed in its heart.

The city council voted at its meeting on Wednesday to launch a consultation on the plan for Cambridge Cathedral and St Mary’s Cathedral.

The proposals would see buildings on the ground level of the Cathedral being converted into tall skyscrapes.

The buildings would be replaced by a series of towers, each of which would have a tower of its own.

“We need to have a vibrant, dynamic city and that’s what this consultation is about,” said Cambridge City Council’s Councillor Matthew O’Brien.

“This consultation is to make sure that the city can continue to live up to its vision of a thriving, dynamic, and cosmopolitan city.”

Cameron Spencer, an architect at Cambridge Architecture, said the plans would be a major step in the right direction.

“The building that’s being proposed is a beautiful and magnificent building and the idea is to use the existing Cathedral of Christ the King as a model,” Spencer said.

“If the plans are approved, it will be a magnificent building with the cathedral and surrounding grounds being transformed into a cityscape.”

The plan would see around 600 buildings on ground level.

The council is proposing that a new cathedral would be built to house the new towers.

It is also proposing to build a park on the site and to build an extension of the existing cathedra.

The council has been discussing the plans with the developers of the nearby Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin, which is already in the planning stages.

“It’s a fantastic idea,” said O’Connor.

“A city that’s looking for a great place to be is the catalyst for the development of a great city and this is one of the reasons why I’ve been so keen to help out with this consultation.”

In the long term, this is something that we want to continue to explore.

“He added that the council had been in discussions with the architects on other ideas, including building a new, taller cathedral at St John the Baptist Church, in Manchester.”

But there’s an element of ambition in this and the cathedral would not be the only part of the city that we’re looking at,” he said.

He said Cambridge Cathedral was a major centre in the city and was a symbol of the potential for the city.”

They’re a symbol that people want to come to, that they’re a place that they want to be and they have the potential to be a place of extraordinary architecture and extraordinary culture,” he explained.”

I think that’s very exciting.


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