Ocean City Development Company: The New Future of Sea World

Next Big News: The world is changing and the sea is the key to all things.

Read more Read article By 2025, the city is hoping to turn the tide of sea-level rise by shifting to 100% renewable energy.

The plan includes a new park that will house an indoor water park, an aquatic amphitheater and a park for the public.

Ocean City Development Corporation, the company behind the plan, will pay for the project with $100 million in state and federal funding.

“The city of Ocean City will take advantage of a $100 billion, 15-year program to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050,” Mayor Anthony H. Bassett said in a statement.

“Our future is bright.

Our citizens are our future.

We’re going to take the bold and visionary steps to ensure Ocean City is a world-class city to live, work, play, play in, and raise our children.”

A new park will house the new park and amphitheatreThe plan calls for converting the park into a public space and using it for community events, educational programming, and recreational opportunities.

The new park is expected to be open to the public by 2025.

The plan also calls for using the park as a “play space,” with a floating playground, a water park and an aquatic entertainment complex.

The project will cost the city $500 million.

The park will be used for community and educational events and educational programs, including a park to host community programming and educational activities, a public library and a youth sports center.

A new public library will be built on the water park’s water tower.

“This new park, along with the Aquatic amphitheaters and a public recreation complex, will be an integral part of Ocean Center’s future,” Ocean City’s chief operating officer said in the statement.

The city plans to use the park to showcase the diversity of Ocean County.

“Ocean Center is committed to creating a community that welcomes all and welcomes all,” Mayor Bassett added.

The City of Ocean View, in the city’s south, is looking to turn its waterpark into a “public place.”

The new aquatic amphitour will be located on the west side of the waterpark and features a water slide, a swimming pool, a tennis court and a swimming venue.

The new park at the west end of Ocean Views’ water park will have an indoor and outdoor water park as well as a new pool and a water garden.

The park will also house a swimming facility, tennis courts and a fitness center.

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