When development gets underway, you’re at risk of being hit by flooding

Brisbane City Development Group is facing the potential of flooding in Brisbane’s CBD during construction, and it’s not just because of the city’s unique geology.

The company has been told by the Brisbane City Council it needs to prepare for floodwaters up to 12 metres high.

The council says it wants the company to be prepared for flooding in the CBD area as part of its planning process.

“We’ve got a lot of development going on, we’ve got new office space and we’ve just got to be mindful of the water, because it’s a very, very large building,” Brisbane City Corporation (BCC) director Paul Hirst said.

“The flood risk to Brisbane from this project will be the largest we’ve ever seen in the city.”

It’s really important we do our best to protect the CBD.

“The CBD area is one of the biggest development zones in Brisbane, and the city is set to expand rapidly with new housing projects in Brisbane City and nearby Inner West.

Hirst says the city has been looking at how to reduce the risk of flooding by the development of the new office and hotel developments.”

Our current planning process is to identify a location that’s ideally suitable for this project, and then we’ll look at what other areas are available and if we need to go further down that path,” he said.BCC has also asked the council to work with developers to ensure that any future flood risk reduction measures are in place.ABC Brisbane has contacted the city for comment.

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