Antioch city building still under construction

The construction of a new city-owned hospital in Antioch, Calif., is far from done, but it has been largely completed with some major hurdles to be overcome.

In December, the city council approved a $1.2 million grant from the state’s Department of Housing and Urban Development for construction of the new facility, which is expected to open by 2021.

However, the project’s construction was hampered by several factors, including a lack of financing, a lack or shortage of qualified applicants, and some local opposition to the project.

The new hospital will provide care to patients who are at high risk for a variety of conditions, including cancer and HIV, as well as those with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and arthritis.

It will also include an intensive care unit.

The city council gave approval for the new hospital to begin construction last November, but the project was delayed for a year, during which time construction was hindered by a lack in funding, according to the Antioch Daily News.

The City Council voted in December to extend the city’s approval for construction, but then in June the state Department of Health approved a new grant to help cover construction costs, which led to delays in the project, according the Antichrist City Development Corporation.

Antioch officials are planning to release a project report for the hospital this week.

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