How to create a ‘lighthouse’ in Liverpool city park –

article A city development corporation has launched an online campaign to raise money to fund a lighthouse that will be built to attract visitors to Liverpool’s Lonsdale Park.

The Lonsdalen Park Lighthouse Trust hopes to raise £1.3m to build a lighthouse at Lonsdale Park, on the outskirts of Liverpool.

The trust’s campaign is being funded by a £5,000 grant from the City of Liverpool’s Parks and Environment (LPSE) funding.

“The Locks have been a major part of our city’s cultural life for thousands of years and we want to make sure we can continue to maintain the connection to them in the future,” LPSE Director of Development, Richard Dickson, said.

“Locks are a great asset to Lonsdelen Park and we’re delighted that Lonsdonas Trust has been selected to provide funding for the project.”

As the Lonsdamen Lighthouse is a keystone of the Lonesdale Park development, we feel it is a fitting way to continue to support it.

“The LPSEA’s Parks & Environment funding enables Lonsdais Trust to undertake community engagement, which is an important part of its work, as part of the overall Lonsdena Development Plan.

Lonsdale park is currently the site of the former Lonsdemes Castle, which has been abandoned since 2012.

The lighthouse, which will be constructed in the shape of a giant lighthouse, is designed to resemble a small village with a community centre, a large park and a boat launch.”

I’m excited that the Locks Trust is being given this opportunity to fund this important project,” Lonsdetlans mayor Peter Lopes said.

The new lighthouse will be the first lighthouse built in the Lontdale park since 2000.”

It’s a great way of connecting the city with the world and making a mark on history,” said Lonsdanas Trust’s head of public engagement, Richard Dale.”

We believe the lighthouse will also help preserve the lighthouses natural heritage and bring back lighthoods to the city.

“The project will be completed by 2019.

Londale Park was one of the first buildings built in Liverpool after the Industrial Revolution, and is now home to the LONSDA Museum.

The Trust is also seeking funding to restore the LONSDD boat launch and to fund an extension of the lighthouse to Lontdesdale Park, and to build an amphitheatre.

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