How to get rid of a house in Bangalore: Carillon City development developer warns

Carillon city developers developer Bhagalpratap Kaul, who has been pushing for the redevelopment of several properties in Bangalore’s Bhagavad Gita Nagar area, has now come out with a warning that he believes is not warranted.

“It is not good if we do not build anything in the vicinity of the Gita, it will be an urban disaster,” he said.

Kaul, whose project is a multi-storeyed office block called Gita Bazaar, said the land is already being developed in Bhagapattinagar, but the developers have not allowed for any residential development.

“The developers have built four bungalows on the site and they are not letting any more.

The bungalow owners want to sell it.

So we are planning to build a five-storeys high building on the land.

But I have informed the project management committee and they have decided to build the building on a six-storeies high site,” Kaul said.

He said the developers were trying to get the land from the landowners to build three flats in the area, which is located about 15 kms from the Gisha mandal.

“The land was allocated by the government for the development of a five storeys building and there are three flats planned.

The builders want to buy the land and build a three-storeyr building in it.

But we have told them that we are not planning to develop any residential building,” he added.

The developer also said that the residents in the locality have been complaining about the noise, the encroachment of construction work and pollution of the air.

“I have come out and spoken to the residents and asked them to move their properties.

But they have refused to do so,” he told NDTV.

The developers, who had initially approached the state government for permission to build two residential flats on the same site, had earlier objected to a five metre height limit for the three flats.

The state government had said the proposal was in the nature of an extension and would not impact on the existing residents.

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