CNN: Media Development in Accra, Ghana City

The media in Ghana City is getting a boost.

The government has been investing heavily in media and television, including buying the Ghanaian Broadcasting Corporation (GBT) in March for $15.5 billion.

The media is now an official public body under the government.

It’s been called the “Media Development Corporation.”

But it’s not the only one getting a makeover.

The city is also getting a new government.

This time, it’s a coalition led by the Social Welfare Party, which has won power in elections this year.

The Social Welfare won nearly 100 seats in the 2018 provincial election.

The Ghanaian Government announced in December that it was moving the Presidency to the capital.

This is part of a larger trend, the government said.

They are also expanding the city into a city with a city council, which will allow more people to get involved.

There are many different ways the government can move Ghana City forward, according to Michael Tindell, the deputy mayor for public policy.

We have a diverse mix of different sectors.

We’ve got the taxi industry, we’ve got health and education, we have the arts, we also have the social welfare sector, which includes all the sectors that are not yet represented in the municipal government.

Tindell said the city’s economic growth has been growing at a rapid pace and the government wants to see that continue.

The government is making changes to the city to encourage economic growth, he said.

One of the things that’s been happening is that there’s been a big investment in new businesses and they’re bringing in people who are new to Ghana.

The economic development of Ghana City has come a long way since the last election.

Ghana is now home to a growing population and is the fastest growing country in Africa.

It is also one of the most expensive countries in Africa for its health care, according the World Health Organization.

But it’s still growing.

More than 6.6 million people live in Ghana.

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