Global Cities Developers: “We Need to Be More Aware of the Threat of Climate Change”

Global cities are in a constant state of flux.

With the world’s population expected to grow by 7.8 percent this century, many cities are looking to develop new, more sustainable ways to grow their economies.

One way to help cities meet this goal is to look at climate change and how it can affect development.

For many cities, this means finding ways to adapt to climate change more quickly.

One of the most obvious ways is to develop in a way that can handle a changing climate.

However, many of these cities have struggled with how to adapt quickly enough to the impact of climate change.

For instance, in Paris, Paris is already seeing its sea level rise, and there are concerns about flooding and rising sea levels.

Some cities, such as Copenhagen, Denmark, have already been hit with record flooding, and some experts believe that climate change could have been responsible for the mass death tolls from floods in recent years.

Other cities have already had to adapt their infrastructure to cope with climate change, and many have already seen a decrease in tourism and other industries.

So, how do you adapt to a changing environment?

One of those things that cities can do is re-think their strategies for developing new housing, especially for low-income residents.

The idea behind this is that people who have been hit hardest by climate change are the least likely to stay in the same place for long.

This means that if the environment becomes even more hostile, they are likely to be more vulnerable to the effects of the climate change they are in.

While this is a good idea, it also means that cities that want to develop high-quality, sustainable housing, and are looking for ways to accommodate more people, are going to need to adapt.

And adapting to the threat of climate crisis is one of the best ways to do this.

Cities can be successful when they adapt to the climate crisis, but it’s also important that they understand how to manage the climate to avoid climate change-related impacts.

This article is from the August 26th, 2018 issue of ESPN The Magazine and is republished here with permission.

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