How the South West is changing its image to become more affordable

Developer Tenjo City is planning to create a new neighbourhood with a low-rise, mixed-use development that will be the first of its kind in Australia.

The $500 million project will be called Swan City and is set to be built on the site of the former Swan City Shopping Centre in south-west Melbourne.

Swan City is a low rise, mixed use development with high levels of affordable housing, the developer said.

“It’s about changing the image of the area, and that is the essence of the project,” Tenjo’s chief executive, Andrew McAllister, said.

Swan city development Mr McAllisters vision for Swan City was to be a “trendsetting neighbourhood” that would provide a “fresh new face” to the area.

“The vision is that it is a place that is going to be transformed from a shopping centre to a neighbourhood, that is where the people of Swan City want to live,” Mr McAuliffe said.

Mr McInnes said Swan City would be “in a unique place to create jobs and attract people to the neighbourhood”.

The development is expected to start construction in 2019 and the site is expected for completion in 2021.

The project will create about 250 jobs.

“We have built the best site in the region,” Mr McFarlane said.

A Swan City development in Swan City, south west Melbourne.

Photo: David Gray Swan City developer Tenjo plans to create the new development, Swan City.

“From the day that we were looking at Swan City we knew that we had to develop the site, because it was a very good site, very well managed and we had a very strong partner in the state government to get the site to this stage,” Mr McNally said.

Construction of Swan city project is expected by the end of 2019.

Swan Country’s changing demographics The area in Swan city is changing.

In the last decade, the Swan City area has grown from about 20,000 residents to almost 30,000.

It is a popular place to live in Melbourne and many residents now live there.

But the development is changing the local area.

Mr McFeely said Swan Country is undergoing a rapid urbanisation that is making it less attractive to people in the area who would normally live in Swan town.

“I think Swan City has changed dramatically in the last 15 to 20 years, and the new developments have changed the way that people are thinking about the area,” Mr McHugh said.

The Swan City redevelopment is expected in 2019.

Mr McNalley said Swan city was not always the area it is today.

“There used to be three main neighbourhoods in Swan that had the same population and the same cultural character,” Mr McKee said.

Today, Swan city’s population is about 2,000 people.

The area around Swan City had a population of about 10,000 in 2010.

Photo by Andrew McAulley.

Swanland’s changing fortunes The Swanland area has experienced a shift in its fortunes over the last 10 years.

“What has changed is the population in Swanland, but it has not changed the cultural character of Swanland,” Mr McGee said, pointing to a shift to more people moving into the area in recent years.

Swanlands demographic has changed The population of Swanlands population has grown, but the community is changing too.

“For some people, the cultural and residential change has been positive,” Mr McCue said.

Photo courtesy of Swan Land.

“Others, they have been affected by the economic downturn.”

Swanland is now one of Melbourne’s poorest areas, and it is the only one in Melbourne’s inner-west.

Mr McHuck said Swanland was in need of a “major regeneration project”.

“The Swanland community has suffered a lot, it has lost its cultural character, it is now in a vulnerable position,” Mr McLaughlin said.

In 2019, Swanland will be a minority-owned company.

“You have got a lot of people who are now living on the outer suburbs who are working in the CBD and there are a lot more people who have moved into Swanland in recent times,” Mr McClaugh said.

He said there were also more people living on Swanland streets now.

“People are more comfortable living in Swanlands and it’s becoming more comfortable to live on the inner city side of Swan,” Mr McMillan said.

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