How to build the world’s first digital city in 2019: An infographic

A city gate developer in the US has unveiled plans to build a digital city on the outskirts of San Francisco.

Dubbed the “San Francisco City Gate” by the developer, the “world’s first digitally-controlled city” will consist of a series of interconnected buildings, including restaurants, offices and even a “mixed use space”.

San Francisco’s current city gates are the result of decades of work by the city, including an ambitious $1bn plan for the city to become a city for all, the Guardian reported.

“A digital city will transform the way we live, work and think, creating a sense of community and belonging,” David Schoeman, who is developing the project, told the newspaper.

“People will no longer need to get a ticket to get to work, a ticket out to dinner or a ticket on their way to the beach.

They will be able to work and play anywhere and anywhere with just a smartphone.”

The first digital buildings will be the San Francisco City Gates, which will be used to house office buildings, restaurants and retail outlets, and a second digital city gate, which is expected to be completed by 2021.

The second digital urban gate will be completed in 2021 and will contain an office building, retail store and hotel.

It is the first of many plans to be developed for the San Franciscan City Gate.

San Francisco is the latest US city to be set to become the next digital city, following London, New York and Berlin.

The city has already seen the first stages of its development, with a series at a former airport.

It was estimated that San Francisco would have around 20,000 people living in the digital city by 2030, with the first buildings being built on the western side of the bay.

According to Schoemans plans, there will be approximately 10 million square feet of office space and 1.5 million square meters of retail space, with most of that being owned by the company.

The city gates will allow for a level playing field for entrepreneurs, allowing them to access and develop their businesses.

The first of the city gates is expected by 2021 and a similar one will be built on a portion of the southern edge of the island, with more to come in the future.

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