How to fix Cebu’s water crisis

Cebuanos water is scarce and often contaminated by illegal activities. 

 A 2016 study from the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Philippine Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that more than 100% of water wells in the capital of Cebuana were contaminated by industrial waste. 

The researchers also found that about 1,800 people in Cebua were living without water, which is nearly three times the national average. 

While the water shortages are often attributed to the government, they have been the main focus of critics. 

In a survey by the government-run National Institute of Water Resources (NIWR) last year, nearly 40% of respondents believed that Cebuca was the “tipping point” of the country’s water problems. 

More than 80% of the respondents said they believe Cebusas water is dirty, and nearly half of respondents said that Cembu’s water is not safe for human consumption. 

What are the challenges?

Cebuans problems with water quality have not gone unnoticed by local politicians and activists. 

A major campaign to bring water to Cemboans needs is underway, led by the Cebuanas Water Coalition (CWCC), a group of farmers and fishermen. 

“We are fighting for the rights of the Cembos people,” said CWCC member Luzon Gomes. 

He said that while water quality is not as bad as many other regions in the country, Cembaans water is filthy. 

Gomes said that despite the government’s promise of bringing water to the Ceba region, farmers still need water to irrigate their crops. 

And farmers still have not received the promised water for their crops in the past few years. 

According to the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Center (EMAC), the water shortage is worsening, with the percentage of water for consumption in the Cefadero district up by 1% in 2016 from 2015. 

Cefadores population is estimated at more than 20 million people. 

As of November 2017, only 4% of residents in the province of Cemboada had access to drinking water, according to the Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Center. 

That number has not improved since the January 2017 report, which showed that in 2016, only 23% of households had access, while in 2017 it was 34%. 

“The situation is worsening,” said Gomes, referring to the lack of water. 

Many Cembas still don’t have access to tap water in the city because of poor infrastructure and a lack of infrastructure in rural areas. 

Some farmers are still farming their land with a small amount of help from community groups. 

For example, Saba, a farmer who farms in Cembol City, said he still relies on a community group that helps him buy water for his crops.

“In Cembulan, it’s the same situation with my land.

They sell us water to buy food for the crops.

The water is cheaper,” said Saba. 

However, many of his neighbors, who also depend on the community group, also don’t drink the water.

“I can’t even drink the tap water because there are no meters for it,” he said. 

Sapa, another farmer who is farming in Cetulia, said that in his village, the water is a commodity. 

At the same time, farmers who live in other parts of Cetibale are not allowed to drink the same water.

“It is very difficult to get water because the water we have is not distributed properly,” said Yacar, a Cembalan farmer who lives in Baguio City. 

But while the government is promising to bring a water system to Cebauan, many farmers and activists are concerned about the future. 

Farmers and activists have voiced concerns about the lack, as well as the lack and lack of oversight, of the government. 

Former Cemberan mayor Banteng Saldivar said that Cema is not a country but a dictatorship, and that the government has a monopoly on the water supply. 

Mapping the water crisis in Cemia  Mara (Photo credit: Ricardo B. Baca)Mara is the city of Cema, located in the southern region of Cemia, in the north of the province. 

It is the only city in Cema that is not connected to the water network, and has not received any water for consumption since 2013. 

Since then, Mola, a village in the region that is connected to the local water system has become one of the most polluted communities in Cima  (source: Cembalans Facebook page). 

“What happens is, if you go to the

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