Manchester City: City to invest in city development service

Manchester City has agreed to buy an engineering consultancy to develop the city’s walkways, according to a report from local news channel, Fox Sports.

The City Walk Development Services group has been in place since September 2018 to deliver the City Walk project, which aims to transform the city into a vibrant, active, and dynamic city.

The company, which was set up by the City of Manchester and the city council in November 2019, will be responsible for planning and designing the City Hall Walkway.

The report said the investment in the City walk will give the city “a long-term competitive advantage”.

It said the company would be responsible to deliver “new and improved City Walk” projects for the city.

Manchester’s City Walk development was one of the first major plans to come to fruition following the creation of Manchester City in 2003.

The group was formed in September 2019 to deliver City Walk, which will transform Manchester into a lively, active and dynamic urban area.

City Walk, designed by French architects Ogoni and MOC Architects, is part of the Manchester City’s strategy to build the city back to the “core of the city”, with new pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, new transport, and improved transport links.

The firm is also involved in the wider Manchester cityscape, and will help with the design of the City Square, a pedestrianised area, and the regeneration of the old City Hall area.

Manchester City have made the City Council’s Vision 2030 their main focus, with the mayor, the city hall, and some council buildings set to be redeveloped over the next 20 years.

The Manchester City Council have said the City plan will deliver a “city of the future” in which people “can enjoy a life of comfort and leisure” without worrying about traffic, congestion or air pollution.

The plans are the first of a series of City Plan 2030, a detailed plan for Manchester, which the council will be building through to 2020.

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