New York City, D.C. to spend $7 billion on new roads

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York’s D.E.C., which oversees the city’s roads, announced Tuesday that the city will spend $1 billion to develop a network of protected lanes, which would be shared with neighboring states.

The $7-billion project, known as the Capital Beltway, would connect the New York and New Jersey cities through an interstate highway system and would extend the region’s high-speed rail network.

New York would also build a network connecting the metropolitan areas of Boston, Washington, D.,C., and Philadelphia.

The announcement came as part of a citywide transportation planning exercise that was released last week, and was part of an effort to develop plans to develop the Capital Highway in New York, the state’s capital.

The plan also calls for the construction of a “high-capacity roadway” that would connect Manhattan and Queens with Staten Island.

New Jersey, with its population of 5.2 million, has been slow to get serious about developing its own high-capacity highway, but that could change with the opening of a new highway project between the two states.

De Blasio said in a statement that the project will also connect New Jersey to Manhattan via a “public-private partnership.”

The Capital Beltline will also bring a new light rail system to New York.

DeBlasio said the city expects to spend about $400 million on the project and expects to open up new and existing roads by the end of the decade.

New York’s new capital beltway project is expected to open in 2019 and the new project will be known as “the New York Capital BeltLine,” but the new name may change after a new high-tech infrastructure hub is built in Brooklyn.

De Blasio said that in the coming years, New York will be able to create new jobs and expand its economy by attracting and retaining talent.

“The New York area has a lot of talent,” he said.

“We’re not just hiring for a job, we’re hiring for the right place.

So I believe this is a great investment for New York.”

New York City is expected not to have to build a new airport or create any new jobs in the near future.

De Blasio said he is confident that the state will be ready to build the capital highway within the next few years.

“We’ll have the infrastructure, and we’ll have a lot more people to hire in the city and the state,” he told reporters.

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