South city developer to build sustainable cities in Africa

The South City Development Group (SCGD) has announced the construction of a new 7,000-metre high (18,500 ft) residential highrise on a site in KwaZulu-Natal.

The development will be the first of its kind in Africa and will feature a residential high-rise building, office building and a community centre.

The new highrise will include a two-storey office tower and a 1,400-metres (3,500ft) residential tower.

SCGD said the new building will include up to two million square metres (1.4 million sq ft) of residential space, with up to one million square meters (1 million sqft) of commercial space.SCGD is the company behind the South African City Development Project, which aims to build more than 2,000 new high-rises in South Africa.

“This is the largest project ever undertaken by the SCGD and it represents an exciting opportunity to further the company’s long-term vision to develop a sustainable city in Africa,” said SCGD chairman and CEO Ravi Bose.

The project is part of the South Africa’s Sustainable Cities Initiative, which is an ambitious and ambitious plan to transform the city of Cape Town into a model of sustainable development.

“We are taking bold steps to deliver on our goal to create a city of the future by 2030,” said Bose in a statement.

“Our plan to build a new residential high rise building, which will become the world’s tallest residential building, will be one of the most ambitious and sustainable projects undertaken by SCGD.”

The SCGD is a South African company which was founded in 2008 by Ravi Ntshuti, a local businessman.

He was later appointed to South Africa as president of the state-owned SCG group.

The SCG Group has since been a major player in the South of Africa and in South-East Asia.

It was also one of South Africa ‘s major players in the mining sector and in construction, and was the first South African developer to sign a joint venture with the United States’ General Dynamics.

The South City project will be a joint-venture with a joint investment of the National Investment Bank (NIB) and the International Investment Corporation (IIC).

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