UK Government’s housing plan for the 2020s set to be published next month

The UK Government has released its new Housing Plan 2020-2021, which includes a major overhaul of housing in London and across the UK.

The new plan is expected to be released by the end of March.

The government says the plan will “set out the Government’s strategy for housing in England and Wales by 2025”.

The plan is the latest attempt by the Government to address a housing crisis that has seen an increase in the number of people in homelessness.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has described the current situation as “unacceptable”.

“Our housing crisis is the most serious of its kind in our nation’s history,” Mr Khan said in a statement.

The government’s Housing Plan, published last year, focused on how it will tackle the “housing crisis” in London. “

The Government’s plan recognises this and will help the country to address the problem.”

The government’s Housing Plan, published last year, focused on how it will tackle the “housing crisis” in London.

The plan calls for the creation of 1,800 “smart-build” apartments across the capital.

It said it will build 4,000 such apartments in London over the next three years, and the rest of the country by 2025.

The Housing Plan also outlined a number of measures to tackle homelessness, including the establishment of the new National Homelessness Action Plan, which will see a special team of advisers and experts to advise the Government on homelessness and homelessness-related issues.

“We have a huge challenge in tackling homelessness in London, and I am determined to continue to build on the progress we have made over the past four years,” Mr Corbyn said in his statement.

The new Housing plan will provide for “a major overhaul” of the housing market in the capital, which is already struggling with a “significant shortage of affordable, high-quality housing”.

It will also include a range of measures including more affordable homes, building more affordable housing, more supportive housing, and more “smart” buildings to “make housing more accessible, flexible and more affordable”.

It also proposes the creation, on an interim basis, of a new “Smart Housing” initiative that will focus on “housing that meets the needs of the people most in need”.

The plan’s first major change will see the creation in 2021 of a “housing authority” which will be run by the Mayor.

It will be “the national agency” responsible for “building, maintaining and developing high-performing, low-cost, and socially-innovative housing”.

Mr Corbyn also announced the creation “of a new national homeless prevention strategy”.

As part of the Housing Authority, there will be a new task force to help councils and housing associations develop the local homeless plan.

Under the new plan, the city of London will become the “lead authority” for “the implementation of the national homeless action plan”.

This means that the Mayor will have direct responsibility for the implementation of national policies, including homelessness prevention.

The mayor will also “lead a nationwide consultation on housing affordability, which aims to ensure housing is affordable and accessible for all in London”.

The Mayor also pledged to support the creation and implementation of a national homeless strategy, which “will ensure homelessness is dealt with effectively, comprehensively and effectively, and that all Londoners have access to affordable, safe, stable and secure housing”.

Mr Corbyn has also announced a “National Housing Fund” which would be set up in the next two years to “pay for the new affordable housing for Londoners”.

The Fund would be managed by the Housing Development Authority and will provide funding for housing for the homeless, and for the building of “smart homes”.

“The new housing plan will create a much stronger and more resilient housing sector in London,” Mr Johnson said.

He added that he hoped to see the “biggest transformation of housing” in the city over the coming years.

“I know the Mayor and I know that his vision is going to get the most housing, not just for the benefit of Londoners, but for all of the UK,” he said.

“It is essential that this is achieved and we get it right.”

Earlier this month, the Mayor of Birmingham, Nick Gibb, also promised a new plan.

“I have set out the priorities of my Government’s Housing and Homelessness strategy and will publish a plan for our next 10 years shortly,” he told the BBC.

Mr Gibb also said he would be putting forward his own plans for housing affordability.

But it’s not just Mr Corbyn and Mr Gibb who are pledging to build more affordable and safe housing for people in need.

“For a start, we will increase the minimum wage by 10 per cent, and we will put more affordable units on the market,” Mr Miliband said. 

“The plan also includes a number from the UK government of a guaranteed income for all working people, and a cap on rent rises.”

“It also sets out a new strategy for supporting the homeless in our

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