Why you should care about the new football stadium in Bradenton, Florida

The football stadium that is now being built for the Florida Panthers may not be the best fit for the city that’s building it, but it certainly is a good fit for Bradenton.

The site of the proposed new stadium has been on the city’s radar for a long time.

But it was a major stumbling block to a $200 million stadium project in Florida, which would have replaced Qualcomm Stadium in downtown Bradenton with a $150 million indoor stadium.

Bradenton and Qualcomm have had ongoing negotiations to build a new football facility, but those negotiations have been put on hold while the project moves forward.

But a new report released Wednesday by the Bradenton Business Alliance shows the city has received a contract worth $20 million for the site of what would be the NFL’s second-largest indoor football stadium.

The project will also be used to develop more than 500 jobs and provide $8 million for Bradentons parks and recreation department.

That includes $2.7 million in job training and $5 million in youth employment programs for students.

That is about half of what the city will receive for the entire stadium project, which is expected to cost $250 million to build and cost another $200 to build.

The NFL will be able to sell naming rights for the stadium, which could net the league $30 million to $40 million per year, according to the report.

The report, by the consulting firm Zillow, notes that while the proposed stadium may not fit in with the neighborhood or its residents, the project is also in line with the citys “economic development goals.”

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