City Development Department, local officials discuss city center development

Amarillo, Texas — A new project in Amarillos new city center is bringing a boost to the area, but not to the city itself.

A new development project has been approved in Amalillo, but local officials are discussing the future of a historic street that was built during the Mexican-American War.

The Amalillos city government and local officials have spent months crafting a plan to convert a section of El Camino Real, which was built in the 1950s, into a mixed-use development that would include a grocery store, a hotel, a movie theater, a public park, and restaurants.

The city council approved the project Wednesday, saying it would bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue and a new business and leisure district.

The project would include an upscale, residential building and hotel on the site of the old El Camillo’s, and an upscale hotel and a community center on the south side of the property.

“The whole area has always been home to Mexican-Americans and Mexican-Mexican heritage, and the El CamoReal site is really unique,” Amalilla City Councilwoman Julie Larkin said.

“It’s going to be the most interesting and unique site in Amelillo.”

The project will have to be approved by the city and state, which have been working on plans for the site for years.

The city council said it’s looking for a developer who can bring the area’s Hispanic community back into the community.

“We’re looking for someone who’s willing to take on the challenge, and who’s going with the vision,” Larkin added.

“It’s not just about the neighborhood; it’s about creating a place that has a sense of place, and not just the shopping center that we have today.”

The city says it has an offer in hand to someone who can help the project through this difficult time.

The developer will have 60 days to respond.

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