Game development companies want to make the Northern Territory more hospitable

The Territory’s Game Development Association is urging developers to be mindful of the people who work in their offices and communities and that they must respect and appreciate the local community when developing their games.

Key points:GDA president Bob Scott said it was vital the game industry grew in Australia and had to do so in a respectful wayCommunity leaders say they were alarmed at the way the industry was treated in the Northern Territories.

Key events:The GDA says it has been contacted by some of the industry’s biggest names, including Valve, and is calling for developers to set aside money to create jobs in the region.

“In many ways the Territory has been the first to develop its own economic models and economies and so we have a lot to learn from it,” Mr Scott said.

“It’s important for the game development industry that it develops and employs Australians and that we can all get on with building a sustainable future.”

The NT Government said it wanted to encourage game development in the Territory and that local people would play a big role in creating new industries.

“The NT has a long history of innovation in game development, which is a strong indicator of its success and success in the global gaming market,” a spokeswoman said.”[The] NT Government is committed to making sure that the Territory is the global leader in game technology.”GDA has called for developers and organisations to set up a ‘safe space’ for local people to discuss issues related to the industry and to make recommendations.

“As a first step in our development of an open and inclusive environment for everyone to discuss their concerns, we are asking that developers work with GDA to establish a safe space to address these concerns,” Mr Walker said.GDA is calling on developers to consider creating a ‘community-based, safe space’ in the NT to deal with concerns about their games being developed in the territory.

“Local communities, including Aboriginal communities, will be a critical component in building an environment for local development,” the statement said.’

Growth in the country’Mr Scott said the NT was a strong place to be a game developer.

“I think that it’s really important that people in the game developers community, as well as the game developer industry, understand the work that goes into the development of games and how it affects the people that work there and what they see in the community,” he said.

The NT’s GDA has been called into task to develop an inclusive culture for the industry in the area.

“This is a very difficult time for all of us in the gaming industry,” Mr Kelly said.


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