How to build your own city in the digital age

A team of developers and a team of local entrepreneurs have created a new project in the Queensland city of Brisbane called the CityPlace Development and Development Company (CPDDC).CPDD founder and CEO Michael Stokes has described the new company as a ‘digital community’, where users can interact with their city via a digital map and virtual street grid.’

It’s really about giving people an opportunity to make their own decisions,’ he said.”

People want to live in their city, they want to have their own business, they have their city to themselves, so what we’ve done is create a place where people can get a digital footprint of their city and do what they want there.”

Mr Stokes said CPDDC’s technology would allow users to live their city as they wanted.’

We want to make sure they can use their own city as a place to live, and we want them to have the freedom to do that.’

The new digital community, CityPlace, is the brainchild of former Brisbane city councillor, and CityPlace co-founder and CPDD CEO, Michael Stakes.’

The key to getting the city to a point where we can actually create a sustainable city and live there as a citizenry,’ Mr Stokes told Next Big Futures.”

The way we think about cities is that we’re the urbanised parts of cities, but we’re also the cultural parts of those cities.”

We think about it as the cultural and architectural parts of a city.”’

We believe that Brisbane is a city that can become a world class city, a world leader in the city, but it’s going to be a city built with the people of Brisbane in mind.’CPDC is a joint venture between CityPlace and the Queensland Government, with funding from the Government’s Regional Development Program.

It’s been developed over the past year with assistance from the Queensland Council for the Arts and the Australian Institute of Architects.

The CityPlace project will also provide a platform for local government, including housing, transport and tourism development, with a focus on the CBD.CPDDs main purpose is to connect residents with the city through a digital community that can be used for the same purposes as a digital city, such as:”The ability to use their digital footprint to connect to their city’s social, economic and cultural resources,” Mr Stakes said.’

In essence we want to provide an avenue for local governments to work with local residents to provide a shared resource that can help them live a better life.”

The city will offer a range of services for users to participate in, such, a ‘Citizen Portal’ where users could take part in the development process, such a discussion forum, forums, discussion groups, forums on technology, social networking and more.’

With the Citizen Portal, we can connect with each other, we know where the people are and where we are, we also know the people’s views and what they think about the city,’ Mr Poots said.

The project is also looking to connect users with a variety of local businesses, which could include:”We have a range and range of community based businesses which will be available to users for the use of their digital footprints to do business with,” Mr Pops said.

”We have also a range that can provide a financial services platform for users so they can make a profit through using their digital data to do other things.”

Mr Poots noted that the City Place project will not be a replacement for the city’s existing digital infrastructure.”

It’s just one part of a digital infrastructure, but that’s the digital infrastructure that Brisbane will have to use,” he said, referring to Brisbane’s existing transport network.’

Cities are always in transition, they are always evolving and changing.”

Cities have always been digital, they will always be digital, but the digital world is changing so rapidly that we need to be thinking about how we do things differently in terms of what our digital infrastructure is going to look like and how we use our digital data.”

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