How to create a safe, secure and sustainable city for the 21st century

A safe, sustainable and equitable city will be built by the end of the century, says an advisory panel of leading urban planners, engineers, economists and policy experts convened by Gov.

Gina Raimondo.

The panel, which includes experts in planning, urban development and finance, also warned that the U.S. faces an “emerging threat to its cities from climate change, overpopulation and displacement.”

“While the nation is still at the beginning stages of this transition, we know that the cost of this crisis is likely to increase dramatically as the population grows and the cost per person of living in an environment that is increasingly polluted increases,” the advisory panel said in its report.

“We know that we must act now to protect our cities from this crisis.”

Raimond announced a $1 billion, four-year, $50 billion federal initiative to create safe, affordable and secure cities in her first budget.

She has said the state must prepare for a new climate and to create jobs in the coming decades.

Raimonds $1B Climate-Smart City Plan: A Budget Blueprint for the Future article The governor and her administration have been at odds over many issues.

But the panel’s report suggests Raimonda is now focusing on addressing climate change and the growing threat to cities, which the panel said will increase from a projected 2.4 degrees Celsius to 3.5 degrees Celsius, with an extra 2 degrees of warming by 2100.

Rampant greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are “alarming and unprecedented,” the report said.

“As we transition from the fossil fuel era to the 21r century, we need to make our cities and our infrastructure as resilient as possible to the risks of climate change,” the panel added.

“This means creating a safe and sustainable environment for all, including those who live in and work in these cities.”

The panel said Raimondings “climate-smart” city plan would set goals to protect the environment, cut greenhouse gas pollution, reduce air pollution and reduce homelessness.

It recommended more than $1 trillion in investments in transportation, housing and other infrastructure to make the city more resilient to climate change.

The governor also has said she plans to take the lead on climate-related issues with the help of an advisory council she created earlier this year.

She and Raimonde announced a coalition of city and state leaders to work on the issue.

The advisory panel did not identify Raimunds climate-smart city plan as a priority for her office.

The report also highlighted other issues that are expected to become more urgent as a result of climate action, including water, sanitation and air quality, infrastructure and the environment.

For example, Raimmonds plan to create more than 200 new jobs, increase investments in clean energy, expand transportation infrastructure and invest in the development of more resilient communities, including housing, education, energy and other services, the advisory report said, citing a recent study by the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute.

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