How to turn your garden into a new eco-city

Developing sustainable urban communities is one of the biggest challenges facing Australian cities.

With the right planning and community support, you can have a place where everyone can feel at home.

And with a mix of urban growth and housing development, you could be creating an eco-community.

We asked a panel of experts to explain what you need to know about what it takes to create a green space that’s safe, healthy and green.

ABC Environment editor Sarah Collins is in Perth.

ABC urban editor Adam Williams is in Brisbane.

Key points:The city of Sydney is the only Australian city to achieve the highest number of green spaces in its population The Greenhouse is a large green space built on the edge of the city, and has a green roof that covers itThe Greenhouse was originally designed as a shelter for homeless people and has since grown into an indoor park The Sydney Greenhouse has been transformed into a garden for urban farmers to grow their own vegetables and herbs.

It’s an amazing space, built on a ridge on the western edge of Sydney.

It’s a natural extension of the Greenhouse, which was originally meant to house the homeless and their families.

The Sydney GreenHouse was designed as an outdoor sanctuary for homeless and people who were living in the city.

You can see the green roof covering the structure.

The roof is a two metre wide, two metre deep, two meter high and three metre wide.

Each room has a solar panel, a fire ring, a water cistern and a large open space for growing plants.

There’s a garden in the garden that can grow herbs and vegetables.

There’s also a large outdoor terrace, which is actually the outdoor kitchen, and there’s also an outdoor shower.

I love this green space.

I love the diversity of the landscape, the green and the animals that are coming into the garden.

Adam Williams: This is the greenhouse on the ridge where the homeless live.

Read more about the city of NSW and the Greenhouses in Australia:What’s a Greenhouse?

A Greenhouse stands on a hill, surrounded by trees and grassland, and is the largest of its kind in Australia.

One of the things that sets this green house apart is the sheer size of it.

Its a green hill, and its about five metres high.

The only trees on the green hill are two trees that stand on top of each other.

Every square metre of the green house is covered in trees.

There are a number of plants that have been planted, as well as a number more trees that have sprung up.

They’re all flowering.

It’s the best place to grow your own vegetables, you’re not competing with people.

On the outside of the greenhouse, there are a lot of solar panels, which have a roof that can be used to create solar power.

It also has a water system, which has a lot more than a garden.

There is also a fire-ring, which can be set up at any time of the year.

In the centre of the garden is a green courtyard, with a number in it that can all be turned into an outdoor garden.

The green space is an indoor space, but is open to the public.

Here’s what the Sydney Green House looks like in action.

It also has many other facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, an exercise room, a small playground and a community garden.

In Sydney, the GreenHouse has been turned into a park.

As part of the Sydney Greens plan to redevelop the city’s CBD, they’ve also been building a new greenhouse.

This greenhouse was originally a shelter built for the homeless.

At first, the city built this shelter as a place to house people who weren’t homeless, but later they moved the shelter to the Green House.

We’ve had a number different spaces built over the years.

What are the environmental benefits of creating a green room?

The biggest environmental benefit of a green structure is that it gives you a good view of your surroundings.

That means you can see everything around you, even the trees and the grass.

But there are also environmental benefits from green structures, including more energy use and fewer CO2 emissions.

If you can get the greenhouse up on the top of the hill and you can also see the river, you’ll know that you’re getting an advantage.

How to grow vegetables in your garden in Sydney.

How much green space are you looking for?

This is where you need the most planning.

The Green House has about four metres of space.

To get the best balance of space, you need a lot, because it’s a big hill, so you need lots of green space around it.

So you want to get at least a metre of space in between the two green buildings

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