How to win the Irish vote in Dublin: The Irish people want change

Dubliners will go to the polls for the first time on October 19 to elect a new government and elect a mayor for the city.

The results are due to be announced at 10am local time. 

“The next Irish election is about who the people want to lead the country,” said Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

“It’s about making sure that we get on with our lives, and our families and our jobs. 

We need to do this for our people.”

The first question to be asked is the question that has become the most-asked of all in Ireland: “Do you want change?”

The second question will be asked about whether the people are happy with the current government, or who the next government will be.

The last question will ask whether the country is ready for a change.

The results of the election will be published in a week, and the results of that vote will determine the course of the country. 

Ahead of the poll, there are calls for the country to adopt a “yes” approach, which would allow people to choose their own government for the next five years. 

Mr Kenny said the government should make a pledge to bring down the deficit and improve the lives of working people. 

There is a “clear and present danger” of a repeat of the 2008 election, which saw the Irish electorate reject an eight-year coalition of left-wing parties, he said.

“The only thing that can restore hope for the future is the return of the voters who have shown the world that they want change. 

That’s why I want to get on to the next stage, to get people on to a new Government and a new mayor,” he said on the RTÉ show RTE Nation. 

In an election campaign, Mr Kenny has repeatedly promised to introduce the “green light” for the Irish people to elect new governments, as well as to allow people who want to leave the country or change their minds to do so. 

He has also vowed to create jobs for people who are unemployed and to get more people back to work. 

On Friday, Mr Trump said he would not support a second Irish referendum if it meant he could not win re-election. 

Asked about his stance on the question of whether he would vote for a second referendum, he told reporters that he will not vote in Irish elections. 

But Mr Trump did not rule out supporting a second vote, saying he would “absolutely” support a referendum on Irish unity. 

Earlier, Mr Kelly said there was “no point in” going through the Irish elections, as they would not be an “interesting” election, as he said they are about people’s issues. 

Last week, a similar campaign was put on in the UK, with UKIP leader Nigel Farage promising to vote for Brexit in the coming Irish election. 

 Mr Kelly said he wanted to have a clear answer from voters about the nature of the next Irish government, before the next vote. 

Irish Independent

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