Sydney, Australia: Smart city developers are eyeing a $6bn market

Smart city developer Mark Grewal is hoping to get a marketable product on the market within five years.

“We’re seeing some very promising projects from a very early stage, and they’re just scratching the surface of what we’re going to see in the next five to 10 years,” he said.

“The big thing is we’re talking about an infrastructure and a technology sector, which is really the engine of growth.”

He has been working with an Australian Government-backed company, Smart City Development Australia, since it was founded in the early 2000s.

The company has now grown to more than $100 million in debt, and has a market value of more than half a billion dollars.

Grewals vision for Sydney is to become a “hub of the future”.

Smart City Sydney has partnered with the NSW Government to bring the idea of a smart city to fruition.

“It’s going to be the centre of the city,” he says.

“You’ve got this big central city in Sydney, and you’ve got suburbs all around it.”

He says the city could be built with sensors, sensors that could monitor the air quality, and sensors that would measure the water quality, as well as other factors like temperature, humidity and the amount of CO2 in the air.

The technology would allow a smart urban area to be built in areas where there are few homes or businesses, and in areas with dense growth.

“I think that the smart cities that are coming are going to bring a lot of the advantages of smart cities, but in a smarter way, and with a more focused focus on sustainability,” he adds.

The idea is to build smart city hubs around the country and around the world.

Growal believes the hub could be used as a base for other smart city projects, like smart water systems.

“When I say smart cities I mean those that are not yet fully built,” he explains.

The Smart City Forum is currently looking for applications for Smart City Infrastructure Projects (SITPs), which would allow companies to develop their own smart cities. “

If a smart water system comes online, it could potentially be a real game changer for Sydney.”

The Smart City Forum is currently looking for applications for Smart City Infrastructure Projects (SITPs), which would allow companies to develop their own smart cities.

The forum has launched a competition to select the winners of a $10,000 grant to fund projects.

The winner of the SITP will get the opportunity to join the Smart City Council, a body that would oversee the smart city infrastructure projects.

While the project that Grewaels dreams up is far from complete, he is optimistic.

“There are some really exciting things happening in the smart urban industry right now, and I think we’re getting there,” he told ABC News.

“[The Smart Cities Forum] is going to go on for the next 10 years and hopefully the world is really looking at what we’ve done, and we’ve got to continue to build the best smart cities.”

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