The UK’s cotton city boom is coming to an end

Cotton city developers are getting ready to leave the UK for greener pastures in South America, with a spate of major new projects coming to fruition.

The UK’s Cotton City developers are now planning to set up five new cotton cities across South America as part of a $20bn redevelopment scheme.

Cotton City was originally set up to create more jobs, as well as attract investment from local investors, but the scheme has now seen a number of projects begin construction.

Cotton city developers have been building projects in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru since 2016, with more to come.

The first project in the Cotton City area is the first concrete-block tower in Argentina with a total of 11 storeys.

The tower is being built in the city of Cusco in the Andes region, which has a population of around 2.3 million.

The tower is expected to become the world’s tallest concrete building, at an estimated height of more than 759 metres.

A second tower is set to be completed in Brazil later this year, which will contain a total 611 storeys of concrete.

A third tower is planned for Argentina and will have a total height of 965 metres, according to the site.

This is the highest concrete building in the world.

It is estimated to be the highest steel-frame building in South American history.

The project in Brazil is set for completion by the end of 2019.

Another major new project will be the construction of a 10-storey skyscraper in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.

The building is set as the tallest in South-East Asia, at 724 metres.

The construction of the building in Argentina is expected for completion in 2020.

Another major project will also be the building of a 986-metre-high skyscraper at the centre of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city.

The new tower will be built in two stages, with the first phase expected to open in 2019.

Construction of the tower in Colombia is expected start by the middle of 2020.

A third project is the construction in Peru.

The project is set at a height of 1,000 metres, and will contain four towers.

The first tower is to be built on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, and the second tower will come up in the coastal town of Lima in 2019, with construction expected to be complete by the beginning of 2020, the site reports.

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