What happens when a city grows too big?

In order to determine if an area is ready to grow beyond its current size, planners must determine what size is needed.

But the number of homes needed to achieve this growth has a lot to do with what a neighborhood looks like today.

Here are some things to consider when planning for the future.

What to consider for urban growth: What is the population density?

How many people live in the area?

How much land is needed to grow the area’s population?

What are the major types of housing?

Is there enough housing for everyone?

How does the area look today?

Is it in need of development?

What kind of density is needed?

Where are the most expensive housing developments?

Are there too many apartments in an area?

What type of housing development are needed?

What is going to be the type of community to be formed?

What would be the need for new housing in an urban area?

Where will the new housing be?

Is the area already built?

Where is it located?

Where would new housing fit into existing housing?

How do you decide how many new housing units you need?

Is existing housing being built?

What do you need to do to get new housing to the area before you build it?

How can you plan for how to deal with growth?

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