What you need to know about Afrikaans cities, developed cities and the future

By now you probably know the importance of Africa.

You may have heard of it, or you may be familiar with its many other names.

But what about its true history?

And why is it that so many of these countries have been left behind in the world’s economic transformation?

Africa has played an enormous role in the history of humankind.

In its own words, Africa was the cradle of civilization.

That has not changed since then, with the world experiencing a global population explosion in the 20th century and the rise of new, more developed countries in the past 50 years.

But what about what Africa’s development really means?

And what are its most prominent cities, built during the 20s, 50s and 60s?

What are the key cities of Africa today?

And how have they changed over time?

We spoke to Afrikaan Development Association (ADA) to find out.

This is a transcript of our interview.

We’re looking at the evolution of Africa from its origins in the 19th century.

It is about the city-state of the Nile Delta, and the way in which it was transformed into what we know today as modern Africa.

We started in the 1800s with the construction of the first city-states in Africa, Cape Town and Gaborone.

We think that’s the first example of what you could call urbanisation.

We had a population of 100 million people in 1800.

We were the richest country in the continent, so we built huge cities.

We had some of the world�s first dams and railways.

The biggest cities of the time were built in the cities, like Cape Town.

But we were not the only country in Africa to build big cities.

The cities of modern Africa are built on what we call ‘urban agglomerations’.

Urban agglomers are big cities that have been built by many different people.

They have been developed by various different countries and different cultures.

In many countries, you see that we have built many large cities, which are built by the same people.

And we have seen this in the United States.

We have seen that with the American cities in Detroit, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Las Colinas.

It�s a process that has taken centuries, which is what has been happening with modern Africa and what is happening with cities.

Modern cities are very different to the cities that we see today.

They are built of bricks, steel and concrete.

The cities are built around huge areas of land.

We see modern African cities today built in different ways from the African cities that were built by different people, in different places.

The modern cities of South Africa, for example, are built over a very large area, with roads, bridges and the like.

In the old cities, they were built over hills, because that was the most stable.

But now, you can see that in many places, they are built along the river, with very little land. They don�t have much room for gardens, so there are lots of trees.

You have a lot of different types of buildings and structures, and you have people living in them.

In the city of Johannesburg, for instance, you have the iconic square, the iconic central plaza, the old city centre.

And you have a large number of museums, including the S.C. Bishops Museum.

The museum was built by one of the most famous people of the 20-sixties, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

But you also have the new museum, which opened in 2016, that is called the ‘African Dream’.

It has many different buildings.

You see the old building and the new building, which have all been designed and built by a team of architects, architects and planners.

It has been designed by the architect of the new African Dream, and they have also been given a very important task: to create a new urban experience in the new South African city.

The architecture in the museum is very beautiful.

There are many beautiful architectural elements that you can learn about from the building, from the interior, from every part of the building.

And the buildings themselves have a very beautiful character.

I think we have a beautiful architecture in South Africa that we should take very seriously, because it�s the best that has been done in the African world.

The museum also has a great collection of artefacts from different African countries, including South Africa.

In fact, we have many artifacts from Africa, like from Nigeria and Zimbabwe, which can be used in museums.

We also have an exhibition that features an African collection from Nigeria.

This is a very interesting exhibition, because many of the objects in the collection come from different countries, such as Ghana, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

We are also lucky in South African museums to have a collection of the finest art, which was also the case in the old African cities.

The new museum has a collection that was designed by art students,

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