Why the city of Jersey City is developing a $50 million city garden project

A city developer is putting a garden in a historic building at the center of a redevelopment effort that is expected to revitalize the area.

The project aims to bring new life to a neighborhood that has been blighted by development for decades, and to promote an agricultural culture that was a staple of the city’s history.

The Garden at the Plaza development is a mixed-use development that includes a large parking lot with a new park and a public park that will be a public green space, as well as a restaurant, retail and residential project that will also be open to the public.

The developers plan to have a plaza filled with food trucks and other businesses that will draw visitors.

The plaza also will feature a restaurant and retail space for local farmers.

“The Plaza development represents a new chapter in the history of JerseyCity, one that has not seen an opportunity like this in recent years,” Mayor Mark Sokolich said in a statement.

“It will be an opportunity to bring some much needed local business back to the area, while also giving people an opportunity for more affordable food and drink.

This development will be very much in line with the city vision for the future of the Plaza.”

The developer is Building Jersey City, a subsidiary of a Jersey City company.

The development will have about 1,200 residential units and the first phase of about 2,000 residential units will be built on the site.

The developers have been working on the project for a few years, according to the city website.

They have been in talks with the City Council, but have yet to finalize the terms.

They will also have to make an agreement with a third party to pay for the parking lots and parking lots will have to be cleared, according a city spokeswoman.

The plaza is one of many new development plans underway in Jersey City in the coming years.

The city will also host the first-ever World Food Week on July 29, 2018.

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