Queensland City Island Development Group to develop new land for mining and quarrying site

The Brisbane City Island developer, Mag City Development Group, has announced it will build the new development site for the former mining town of Rockhampton.

Mag City Development group chairman Greg Smith said the project would “provide an attractive new location for Queensland’s first mining town”.

“Rockhampton is the ideal location for this project to be built,” he said.

“With a vibrant mining industry, a rich cultural heritage and an existing population of more than 11,000 people, Rockhamptons mining industry has an incredible opportunity to continue growing in Queensland.”

Mr Smith said he hoped the site would become “a significant employment base for our people”.

Mag City Developers general manager Peter McCourt said the company would begin construction next month on the site.

“The site will be completed in the coming months,” Mr McCourt told the ABC.

“We have a very ambitious plan to provide jobs for Rockhamton, including around 50 new construction jobs.”

This is the site we have been looking at, it’s not a project we’ve looked at for quite some time, but we’re excited about the project.

“Mag City has also committed to investing up to $50 million into a new public transport hub in the town.”

Our partnership with the local authorities, Queensland Government and local businesses will ensure that we are able to provide the best public transport service to the people of Rockhold,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith also said the group had begun discussions with local council about funding a new community centre.

Mr McCourt confirmed that Rockhamilton City Council had not yet received the agreement from the developer.”

Rockhold is an important part of our community and we will continue to work closely with Rockhold Council to make this happen,” he told the Queensland Government.”

At the moment, the Council is yet to receive a final offer from Mag City.

“If we do receive the final offer, we will finalise the arrangements for this site in the very near future.”

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