When will the Ogden City Place development finally happen?

The Ogden city project is one of the largest and most ambitious public works projects in the county’s history, but it’s in the middle of its second year of construction.

It is expected to cost about $5.6 million.

The developers are also working on a second phase of a new pedestrian bridge that will connect the new plaza to a new parking structure at the Oglie River.

The Ogden area is a hotbed of the city’s tech industry.

Google, Apple and Facebook are headquartered there.

The city has long been looking for new uses for the city-owned land, and there is strong public support for the Oglesons project.

Some Ogden residents have said they want to make the city more attractive to tech companies, but they don’t want to move downtown.

The developer has faced some delays and setbacks.

The city is trying to find $1 million in city money to begin construction, but the money is tight.

The project is expected, in part, because of the slow pace of city planning.

The first phase of the project began in May and the first concrete pieces are being poured, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

The project will cost about 3.8 million dollars.

City officials say they are expecting to finish the project by the end of 2019.

The main components of the Ogledon City Place project include a pedestrian bridge, a pedestrian overpass and an underground parking garage.

It will be one of about 20 such projects in Utah, according to the Utah Department of Transportation.

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