GOP: GOP will push ‘urban renewal’ agenda to boost suburban growth

The Republican Party is pushing a “urban renewal” agenda that includes reauthorizing several laws and making major infrastructure investments in the suburbs, according to a new report.

The GOP, which controls both houses of Congress and is expected to retake the White House in November, is pushing the agenda to create an “urban resurgence” to boost the region’s economic growth and diversify its demographics, the report by the Urban Land Institute said.

The plan, which was released Monday, is part of a broader effort by the GOP to push for greater economic growth in areas where the party has been struggling.

The GOP is also trying to make its message about economic development more appealing to younger voters and minorities, the think tank said.

It calls for a national “urban revival” plan to help spur job creation and boost the area’s economy.

“Republicans in Congress are attempting to create the ‘urban renaissance’ that their base desires,” said Robert Weiss, president of the Urban Institute.

The report is the latest from the think tanks.

It is not the first to suggest the GOP is looking to push a “renewal” agenda to attract more people to the region.

In 2014, the National Association of Realtors released a study showing that millennials are a key demographic in the region and that suburban growth has the potential to create millions of jobs.

In November, the Realtor Institute released a similar report that said that millennial population growth is expected in the U.S. and could create a surplus of housing.

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