How to help angel city developers in Florida deal with hurricanes

A new report by Florida-based developers Angel City Development says the state needs to start providing incentives for developers to develop in hurricane-prone areas.

The company said Florida’s current tax incentives for new residential construction have been underfunded for more than a decade, with many projects being built in areas where the state’s hurricane recovery efforts are weak.

The report, released on Thursday, was based on data collected by the state Department of Economic Opportunity.

The department did not provide the data.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Angel City said Florida has lost nearly 30 percent of its historic high-rise housing stock and that many other Florida cities have lost a similar percentage.

Florida’s historic high end was once home to some of the nation’s most prominent architects, including Norman Foster, and the company also counts a number of architectural luminaries, including Henry Moore, whose designs are now considered hallmarks of modern architecture.

The companies report comes as the state is still grappling with the aftermath of Hurricanes Matthew and Harvey, which caused a wave of destruction and displaced more than 6 million people.

The hurricanes left a trail of devastation across the state, including in Florida, where many buildings were destroyed.

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