The world’s first ‘supercharged’ car will be unveiled in Barcelona this year

In 2019, the city of Barcelona will unveil its first supercharged car: the Vantage.

Designed by Barceloneta-based Razak, the Vamp, as the car is dubbed, is a three-wheeled concept that features a front-mounted battery, a rear-mounted electric motor, and a rear wheels-mounted solar array that charges the vehicle at night.

The car will not be available for public consumption in Barcelona, though, and the city’s planning department has already started working on ways to bring the car to market.

“We’re really excited about the VAMP because of its innovative concept, which brings us to a new era for supercharging,” says Barcelons city development department manager Carlos Dominguez.

“We have a vision for the city that includes a network of supercharging stations, and it’s a fantastic vehicle that can offer more convenience and comfort to our residents.

In the future, it will be able to deliver a high-speed connection for our residents who don’t have an automobile.”

The Vamp will not only offer more connectivity, but also better comfort for those who are on the road more often.

In a press release, Razaks development director, José Miguel Bauza, described the Vamps design as a “completely new way to provide better connectivity.”

The city has been working on making supercharging accessible to residents in the last few years, with the city working with the company Raza to develop the citywide network of charging stations.

The city has also partnered with the California-based startup, GreenDrive, which provides the infrastructure and chargers needed to support the supercharging network.

While the Vamping will be the first supercharger in Barcelona to offer the car’s capabilities, it won’t be the only one.

Barcelones city council plans to unveil its own supercharged vehicle in 2021, along with plans to install superchargers in other cities in the future.

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